Company History

Why UK & Global was created

UK & Global Insurance Brokers opened its doors on 1st January 2008 and was founded with very specific purposes:

  • Providing a five star / world class level of Insurance Broking and Risk Management Services for Corporate clients in the Middle Market and High End sectors including AIM listed companies.
  • ‘Doing the Detail’ of the evaluation of Insurance programme solutions, creating costed options for each client and ‘enjoying every minute of doing so’
  • Achieving Cost Reductions to the client’s annual Insurance programme expenditure; whilst
  • Improving the level of our client’s Insurance protection according to each client’s culture in relation to Risk retention

We felt that there was a gap in the Insurance Broking market for:

  • The provision of a service with consistently high levels of professionalism and technical capability; combined with
  • A very personal relationship between the client and the Insurance Broker

We seek to be regarded, and trusted, by our clients as bringing the value of a non Executive Director to the board.

How We Work

Our approach is to develop a genuine Three-Way Partnership between our Client, key Insurers and UK & Global.

We ask our clients to ‘Open Their Doors to UK & Global’ and, over time, allow our Team to help improve their business through the implementation of agreed Risk Management Initiatives.

We engage in an “investigative” manner of enquiry when developing our understanding of a Client’s business goals, operations and requirements.

We ask our Clients to endorse us to be “on the inside” of their operations.

Our aim is as follows:

  • For the Directors of our clients to feel that UK & Global provides the quality of service, and effort required, as the client delivers to their own customers.
  • To genuinely delight each of our clients by consistently delivering a level of service and solutions which:

i)   completely satisfy our client’s Insurance requirements

ii)  “stretch” our client with regards to development of its Risk Management Programmes

iii) to be Cost Effective for our clients year on year