UK & Global 11th
Anniversary Dinner
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Your preference.
Your expectation.
Our normal day.
Giving you a world
class experience
Is what we deliver all day, every day. Peace of mind.
Reduction of costs.
Consistency of response.
Because we work really hard, all of the time
…and we love doing it.
Delivering a world class service for our clients is our pleasure
Is what you expect.
With UK & Global you can depend on it.
Consistency. Responsiveness.
High Levels of Professionalism.
You will know the difference when you experience it
. Is your Insurance Broker ‘influential’ or just ‘in place’? To help manage your Risks.
Reduce your Costs.
In line with your Business Goals.
We will deliver bespoke solutions for your Company
Experience and range. Technical knowledge. Passion for your business. Our Client Service Team will bring you We have the experience.
The know-how and character.
To help you see it through.
Helping our Clients with Change Management.
As you do for your customers.
We know it’s the least you expect.
We work as hard for our clients
To achieve higher Risk Management standards. Supporting, always supporting, our Clients. Our role is to ensure that you experience it. We all know when we receive a Five Star level of service
  • UK & Global site surveys
  • Health & Safety
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Anticipating the Risks associated with your business profile
  • How UK & Global will help you
  • If you’re looking for a World Class level of service, we’re here to provide it for you
  • Aligning your Insurance protection with your business objectives
  • Dealing with Large Losses
  • Motor Fleet claims – ‘a different Ball Game’
  • Our Web-based claims system for your company
  • Claims Data & Analysis – the way you want it
  • Insurance and Indemnity clauses
  • Developing a Risk Control framework for your company
  • In-house Training seminars

UK & Global insurance brokers is a boutique operation providing a very high quality, and personal, service to corporate clients in the middle market and PLC sectors. Our commitment to building strong working relationships gives the assurance of first-class service, a dedicated team of experienced professionals and very high quality insurance broking and risk management solutions designed specifically for your business. Based in London, Cambridge and Southampton, we’ve built a hard earned reputation for delivering excellence, and facilitating change, across diverse industries.