Management of your Insurance Programme

If You’re Looking for a World Class Service — We’re Here to provide it For You

We all know when we receive Five Star service in a restaurant.

From the moment you arrive, it feels different and by the time you leave you feel uplifted, having been looked after in a way which makes you feel special, as though the restaurant staff had worked out:

‘we know exactly the way this customer wishes to enjoy their evening and we’re going to really enjoy making it happen that way’.

If you’re looking for a World Class level of Service from your Insurance Broker, You are the client for whom UK & Global insurance Brokers was created.

So, we invite you to contact James Garratt, our Founder & Managing Director, at or on 0207 786 6752 and share exactly the sort of service and relationship you really want from an Insurance Broker.

And leave the rest to us.

The one thing we ask of our Clients is that they ‘Open their Doors’ to UK & Global’s Team to enable us to really understand the Client’s operations, culture and the mechanics of what they do for their own customers.

To provide a truly World Class service our consistent experience is that we need the opportunity to ‘get under the skin’ of the Client’s culture. We request our Client’s permission to be offered an invitation to do so.

Our role then is to gain our client’s confidence – through our output – but also through the attitude of our Client Service Team.

‘Thoroughness’, ‘Energy’, ‘a Professional demeanour at all times’, ‘Exuding experience and capability’ and ‘always very enjoyable company’ are examples of the impression which we look to engender with our clients

So What is Behind UK & Global’s High Ideals of a World Class Service?

  • We at UK & Global ‘enjoy the process’ of working out the best Insurance & Risk Management programme to support your business goals
  • Our Client Service team is full of individuals who have innately high professional and personal standards
  • We are respectful in our demeanour, always recognising the ‘Client v Service Provider’ roles
  • We are here to provide excellence to our clients, rather than just offering an acceptable level of functional service

It is natural for UK & Global’s team to seek to achieve a World Class level of service. Simply by following our professional instincts and our personal ethos of service delivery on a day to day basis.

It’s what we’re here for – to deliver a World Class service for you and your company.