Our Contract Review Services

UK & Global’s Contract Review service provides our clients with the following:

1. Review of the Insurance & Indemnity clauses of individual Contracts: These are contracts put to the client by their Suppliers and Customers.

At our client’s request, UK & Global will routinely support each Client with the review of a particular Contract wording, or a set of Terms & Conditions, and provide our feedback, commentary & recommendations.

2. Development of a ‘Contractual Risk Control Framework’

At our client’s request, UK & Global is able to help create a ‘Contractual Risk Control Framework’ which is bespoke to the client’s business.

The Framework assists the client’s Senior Managers, who are involved in the Review / Negotiation / Signing of Contracts to identify – and address – Risks throughout the various stages of the contract cycle from instruction to Tender to Completion.

3. In-House Training Seminars for Directors & Senior Managers

A Training Workshop is designed to help each client to adopt a clear and consistent approach to identifying and addressing Risks associated with each stage of the Contract process in order to:

  • protect and enhance the client’s Reputation and improve profitability
  • provide the client with an effective Framework to help understand the various Risks associated with each phase of the Contract cycle
  • familiarise the client’s Senior Managers with the process of ranking each risk from Low to High
  • share ways in which potential risks can be assessed and mitigated
  • provide examples of possible ‘’pitfalls” often introduced as amendments to standard Contract wordings
  • share Best Practice procedures for minimising contract risk and achieving better profit margins
  • recognise the client’s obligations to its key Insurer Partners

See some examples of our contract reviews…