Risk Management

UK & Global will help you to improve your internal Risk Management programmes – we always support you.

When we are invited to meet with new clients, we actively engage with them to:

  • understand their approach, and ambitions, for their Risk Management programmes; and
  • help develop the relevant Programmes, over time, using independent Consultants as may be required

UK & Global is experienced in developing a Risk Management strategy, with the directors & senior managers, which supports the client’s Business goals – not the other way around.

So how do we do this?

In broad terms, we listen to the client, ‘walk the floor’, undertake our own Audits and

‘We work on the detail, provide a Risk Management programme for the client to consider and work with the client’s people to help them improve their own policies and procedures’

UK & Global’s Process

To enable us to better understand a client’s approach to Risk Management at Board and Operational levels, UK & Global facilitate the following:

Meaningful Discussions with ‘People with Responsibility’

By sitting down with the client’s directors and senior managers and talking through which Risk Management considerations the client has, and who holds responsibility for each programme, we help each client to:

  • Understanding the current status of the client’s current programmes
  • Prioritising ‘what is important v what is involved’
  • Creating a Risk Management programme , often for a 3 year period, for the client to consider
Detailed Surveys of our Client’s Premises

UK & Global always undertakes full surveys of each client’s premises and is proud to do so.

Insurers routinely accept the quality of UK & Global’s surveys as being ‘better than the surveys we do’.

The surveys ensure that:

  • each client’s Risks are always comprehensively disclosed to Insurers
  • UK & Global is able to assist the client in negotiations with Insurers in relation to significant Risk Recommendations including Sprinklers & other Fire Protections. Clients are not left ‘on their own’ when discussing the Technical detail, and options, of Risk Improvements, with an Insurer’s surveyor.
  • UK & Global is able to make its own recommendations to the client for consideration
Commissioning of independent Health & Safety Audits

The Audits are undertaken by our specialist consultant partners, Workplace Risk Management Ltd.

UK & Global often funds an initial Audit on behalf of our Clients.

We have complete confidence in WRM Ltd as they act either as the ‘Competent Person’ or on a formal Consultancy basis for a number of UK & Global’s clients.

Sharing the development of the client’s H&S Management programme with the main Insurer Partners assist in:

  • the control and reduction of the annual Insurance programme expenditure; and
  • establishing ‘good relations’ with the Client’s key Insurer Partners
Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery Planning Audits

The audits are undertaken by our specialist consultant partners, Cambridge Risk Solutions Ltd.

Cambridge Risk Solutions provide an overview of a Client’s current BCP  arrangements and offer Recommendations & Solutions for the client to consider.

CRS Ltd are sometimes commissioned by our Clients to undertake Business Impact Analysis sessions for Directors & Senior Managers in order to:

  • Assess ‘okay, so what’s really going to hurt our Business?’
  • Evaluate ‘so, realistically, how well could we deal with the Impact of one of the Big Risks?’
  • Do the detail of ‘so let’s work on Plans we would use if a serious Incident occurs’     

We also provide support and advice on the following broader areas of Corporate Risk:

Corporate Governance / Compliance / Asset Management / Financial / People / Brand and Reputational / Change Management