Insurance Broking

Insurance Broking continues to be the core output which clients expect to receive from an Insurance Broker.

We find that Business Owners and Company Directors increasingly value a Consultative approach from their Insurance Broker.

UK & Global’s approach is to provide a greater quality of Advice and Service which goes beyond the traditional ‘transactional with regular contact’ approach of some other Brokers.

UK & Global is different because:

  • We listen in detail to each clients’ corporate and financial objectives. We learn about their Business, their challenges, their Business Risks and preferred Risk Tolerance
  • We are very clear, and consistent, in keeping Risk Management as a primary consideration for our clients when reviewing their Insurance programme
  • We provide solutions to help our clients address their key Business Risks and build these into a medium to long term strategy. Our strategies recognise those clients who prefer to “insure in full” and those who prefer to “self insure” the risks they deem safe to retain in order to keep their Insurance programme expenditure as low as possible
  • Our core services include detailed surveys of clients’ premises to gain a better understanding of their operations. This also enables us to provide Insurers with more detailed information to assist in negotiating the most competitive premiums and the widest range of cover
  • We review and critique the technical aspects of a client’s existing Insurance programme to identify potential gaps which may be unnecessarily exposing the Business to Risk. We then develop Insurance programme solutions, with the provision of options, which are genuinely bespoke to each client and which properly protect the Business

Our new Clients consistently feed back to us that we deliver:

  • more value, more quickly, more effectively.

UK & Global is committed to providing each client with:

  • A manner of service which the client considers to be genuinely, and consistently, bespoke to their company
  • An Insurance programme which fully protects its People, Assets and Liabilities in a structure which supports the client’s preferred Risk appetite
  • A superior level of Risk Management advice, an enhanced level of technical input and support on all Insurance matters.
  • A close relationship with their key Insurer Partners