Case Study

Civil Engineering

Client Sector & Size

Client Industry: Road Planing, Streetworks and Supply of Labour

Annual Turnover: £38m with approximately 210 employees

Output Achieved by UK & Global

  • Achieved a 18% reduction in Motor Fleet premium, on a Fleet around 140 vehicles, during a period when ‘At Fault’ claims were increasing
  • Gained agreement from the Motor Fleet Insurer to make a Financial Contribution of over £5,000 towards the cost of agreed Fleet Management initiatives

‘Doing the detail’ and ‘seeing it all the way through’ was central to persuading Insurers to reduce the Motor Fleet premium

Client Requirement

  • The Motor Fleet Insurance premium increased from £100,000 to £140,000 as a result of a greater number of “Fault” Motor Claims being received over an 18 month period
  • In addition, the number of Motor Claims being reported by the Third Party, rather than the Client’s own drivers, was disproportionately high and increasing
  • There were insufficient controls in force to check, assess and approve both new and existing drivers in respect of Licences and driving experience / capability

UK & Global Solution

  • UK & Global, through our Claim Reports Analysis capability, were able to identify the key areas of “Fault” Claims relating to Driver Age groups / Vehicle types / Accident types
  • The Client was able, through its own initiative, to address some of the “Low Hanging Fruit” and improve internal control
  • UK & Global arranged for AA DriveTech, Fleet Management Consultants, to provide a Fleet Management Programme to address Licence Checks, online Driver Analysis training and One to One Driver Assessment

Outcome & Benefit to the Client

  • The number of incidents resulting in Motor Claims reduced by 30% over an 18 month period
  • Fewer anomalies were found in the Drivers’ Licences as the Board had communicated clearly with its Employees that a greater focus would be maintained in this regard
  • The Motor Fleet premium was reduced from £140,000 to £115,000 at the end of the 18 month period of improvement
  • The Motor Fleet Insurer made a Financial Contribution of over £5,000 towards the cost of agreed Fleet Management initiatives