Case Study


Client Sector & Size

Client Industry: Specialist Sub-Contractor

Annual Turnover: £45m with approximately 228 employees

Output Achieved by UK & Global:

  • 40% reduction achieved in the annual premium for the Contractor’s All Risks & 

- 20% reduction achieved in the annual Motor Fleet premium
  • In-House training provided by UK & Global to 15 of the client’s 15 Project Managers 
 in relation to the Insurance & Indemnity clauses in customer / supplier contracts

Client Requirement

The Client is a well-established provider to Main Contractors offering a number of Specialist Services including Mechanical & Engineering, Roofing and Asbestos Surveys and Removal.

  • The Motor Fleet Claims experience fluctuated widely from year to year resulting in numerous premium increases making budgeting more difficult
  • Project Managers, who have responsibility for individual Contracts, were lacking in confidence when it came to assessing and negotiating any changes to the terms and conditions being offered by Main Contractors
  • The Client considered that the Contract Works insurance premium was being incorrectly assessed as the cover was usually arranged by Main Contractors

UK & Global Solution

  • UK & Global arranged for an independent Fleet Management Audit to be undertaken, working in conjunction with the Client’s Motor Fleet Insurer, to identify weaknesses in current practices and improvements
  • UK & Global arranged a Contract Risk Seminar for the Client’s Project Managers, lasting around 2-3 hours, to provide technical advice and guidance and also created Contract Risk check lists and a “Do’s and Don’ts” guide for the Project Managers to follow / consult on individual contracts
  • We arranged a meeting with the Underwriter, the Client and UK & Global attending in which the Client was able to outline to the Underwriter the detailed Risk Management controls which were in place including use of Sub-Contractors who had their own Insurances in place

Outcome & Benefit to the Client

  • After implementation of the Fleet Management recommendations the number of “Fault” Motor Claims reduced by 35-40% over a two year period with the premium reducing from £865 per vehicle to £650 per vehicle
  • Agreement was reached with the Underwriter to reduce the Contractor’s All Risks premium rates by 40% as it was established that the client’s Risk was of a ‘contingent’ nature as the Main Contractors were responsible for arranging the Contract Works insurance cover
  • The number of referrals on individual contract wordings, made by the Project Managers to UK & Global, reduced by around 80% following the issue of the check lists and Do’s and Don’ts guide as the Project Managers became more informed and confident in their negotiations